Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a little art

I must admit, I was a little scared about posting my artwork on here. There is something nervewracking about putting your art out there for everyone to see. I guess, I have been putting it off, but decided to stop procratinating and start posting! :) This is small collage that I did this week. I mailed it to Somerset Studio magazine to hopefully be included in a future publication. The theme of this one was- Sisterhood.


Tammy said...

love it and can't wait to see what you come up with for the other categories..vintage halloween is my fave :)

Lucy said...

I think you'll find the most supportive individuals out on the web that frequent blogs, so don't be scared to put your artwork out there for others to see. I find it inspiring to hear all the positive feedback, almost having a little cheerleading section out there for you :) It encourages me to keep on trying new things so I can 'show and tell' and in effect, grow along the way!

It was great meeting you the other night and chatting for those few minutes. Good luck on your submission! Your piece is very sweet, great color combination. I submitted a project with a group of artists for this challenge. We're keeping our fingers crossed, too!

Tess said...

Hi there, Jodi (uh Lucy) requested her followers stop by your blog and I'm sure glad she did. I love the colors in this piece, very lively. I hope you get picked for Somerset Studios. I love that magazine.