Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Fun

I have been so slacking when it comes to posting on here- so sorry. Things have been very busy, but hopefully I can do better. :) This past weekend was a street fair in my town. They have it twice a year and it is lots of fun. My tiny town hosts an antiques and crafts fair that draws crowds in the thousands. I luckily have a wonderful view of all that is going on from my front porch. It is so much fun to search for treasures, meet interesting people and spend time with family and friends. After the day was over and I was relaxing on my front porch- I got to thinking how lucky I am to live in a community where people still visit with each other on their porches. It is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors. And don't porches show you a little about the inhabitants personality? The way the decorate - I think gives a little inkling into who they are, what they like etc. For example my porch has my two favorite decor colors on it- an old robins egg blue rocker and a red swing. I also have a few frog items because they make me smile. What is on your front porch?

On the subject of porches, I am planning on doing a series of paintings of porches. I have two color studies that I did of my friend, Karen's porch. I will be adding paintings as I finish them.

I hope you are enjoying spring with loved ones. Last night my back yard smelled of honeysuckle- my favorite smell!!

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Tammy said...

Thank goodness you posted. I figured if I started a blog you'd be more apt to update yours :)
Love the porch studies. I am sure they will all look great when you do the series. I am volunteering my porch up for you to paint. hint hint.
love ya little sister.