Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nutcracker Pots

I haven't been doing a lot of painting this week- why?  Because of these crazy nutcracker pots that I had to make for work.  I work at Michaels and these are for a display.  I seem to always catch myself volunteering for stuff and then later I am stressed out because I don't have enough time to get everything done.  Oh well that seems to be true for many of us.  Anyway I am glad to say that the nutcracker fellows are finshed and now I can get back to work on my own paintings. :)


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Wow those do look time consuming. But then you have something to show for the day. I don't :(

So, are you sick of the rain? I has to stop sometime doesn't it?

Now question- since you did all the work on those - do you get to keep them after the season is done?

Anonymous said...

Really neat! I wish I had your creativity and imagination.

Love, Mom