Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cameron Day May 2010 is complete.

Well we completed our May 2010 Cameron Day.  My sister does not have reliable access to a computer at this time so I figured I'd let her followers know how it went.  You know a little sister sharing stuff.
The day was perfect- no rain, a bit of a breeze and sunshine- but most importantly there were shoppers.  We had a great turnout and couldn't be more thankful for all the ladies that shopped with us and the men that were along for the ride.
This is a peek at our booth space- my sister is a bit more laid back but I am a girl that believes in "GO BIG OR GO HOME"  So of course we had to decorate it up to the nines.  Thankfully we had a great deal of help from my friend Liz from Texas- thanks a bunch to you and your foofing the space.
Here is a closeup of some of the items Trisha made..notice the very cute pails covered in sheet music with the birds nests on top.. And of course she loves frogs so one had to have a frog in it.
Here she did a tin box full of eggs..a large nest with a bird on it and some apothecary jars containing nests.
Here you will notice two of her of a more whimsical bird and the other of a nest of very realistic fave painting in my opinion..
Here you will see many of her new paintings hanging on the shutters..she also made some hair bows hanging on a ribbon on the right shutter and she did the sheet music lamp on the blue dresser.
More paintings on the back shutter,
My favorite of all her creations is the sheet music egg that is on the huge nest sitting on the that not the cutest dang thing you have ever seen?
More paintings..
Another shot of my fave - the egg.
Here is Trisha relaxing on her porch with my daughter(her niece) Sophie.  Along for the selling experience is her co-worker/friend Jenn and her hubby..

Well that is it for the show this May.  We'll be back at it in October again..So, please Join us the first Saturday in October to shop with us and see our newest creations..
Only 152 days to go Trisha - thanks for going on this adventure with me-
love your sis,


sara's art house said...

wow- great photos!

Diane said...

Absolutely gorgeous--it's all about presentation--and you did it perfectly!!

Trisha said...

Thanks Tammy for posting all those photos for me. It sure was fun and I am totally motivated to get to work on the next one. Thanks for the compliments Sara and Diane. :) I loved the booth this year, it was so pretty.

Dianne said...

Beautiful space and items! Love the music pails and all the nests...

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job with displays. I recognize all the hard work because I just participated in our sale this past Thursday. They are so much fun and yet so much work. Nicely done. I hope it was a huge success.

Patrick said...

Hi Trisha, great photos and lovely items on display. Well done to all.