Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunflowers at Added Accents

Well it is looking up in Whimsy World.  
I have my own space at Carolina Artists' Colony and I have items in a store downtown called 
Added Accents. She has a beautiful store that is more on the contemporary, fun, young person level. 
She loves bright, fun colors.  She saw some of my sunflower pictures from the Colony and wanted some larger ones to consign in her store..
And voila....
 She has now decided she'd like some with a bright turquoise background.  
I love getting to do this as a job.
What have you been painting?

keep on painting, trisha


GardenChic said...
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GardenChic said...

Love your paintings of sunflowers. The colors are awesome. Love your creativity.

Love, Jody