Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Photos

So many of my friends and family have asked me who my house is coming along- so I thought I would include some photos on my blog to share with you. For those of you that don't know- I bought a 1800's Victorian Cottage last year and with A LOT of help from my sister and brother-in-law - I have quite an adorable place to call home. I took the first photo from acrss the street. I wanted to get a good shot showing the newly painted picket fence. My brother-in-law, power washed it and then my mom, my sister, myself, my brother-in-law and my young neice and nephew all painted it. It turned out awesome! The neighbors have commented on how great it looks. The arbor, my sister found in a clearance section at a store- she got it for some amazingly low price! I love it and can't wait until there are flowers draping over it.

I love hydrangeas and am so proud of how well mine are doing this year. I planted them last year and am amazed at how quickly they are growing.

This is the last shot for today. I love this one, with the flag, porch railing and hydrangeas. I will try to get some interior shots posted soon. There has been a lot of work going on in there also.

This week while working in my garden, I was planting flowers and a car stopped a woman asked me if I was interested in some more plants. She had been seperating some of her plants and so she bought over a bunch for me. She said she will be seperating day lilies next week and wanted to know if I wanted any of them- of course I said yes. It amazes me how kind the people in the small town I live in are- it definitly makes me happy that I chose to live here. I hope I can pass the kindness on that others have shown me. Have you done something nice for a stranger lately? or has a stranger done something nice for you? I would love to hear about it.


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

looks awesome and i am totally jealous of your fair.
love you sis.

Tom said...

Really an amazing transformation. You all should be very proud of the work you have done on this little cottage. Now it is too nice to sell!