Monday, June 15, 2009

My Art Table

I was looking at one of those studio magazines the other night, you know the ones... with all the amazing art spaces- everything is pretty and organized! Well, my space is not like that--yet. I hope someday it will be. Here is a look at my art table, I took this picture yesterday. As you can see I have multiple paintings going at once. That tends to be the way I work, while waiting for one to dry, I move on to the next. Of course this is also how I run out of room and end up with no where to set the painting down. :) I got a great idea for a collage painting tonight- so need to get my sketchbook and get the idea in there before I forget. Have a wonderful evening- hugs.


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Looks good and all the art you are working on good job - WE have a booth space to fill up in October so get to it sis.
Now you are making me do my share so I better get to work on my auction items so we can have the most awesome space at Cameron Day.

Lucy said...

Great table and love your paintings!! Keep it up, even if you run out of space :)