Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Precious Sophie

This is a photo that I took at the beach. It is my neice Sophie- I am sure that she didn't have a clue as to what I was trying to take a picture of, but she stood there patiently and let me circle her with the camera until I got the angle that I wanted. Thanks Soph. :) She has also made it her mission this week, along with her mom, that I have a good birthday. Sophie, at 4 years old, believes that everyone should have a party for their birthday and was very upset that I had to work on mine. So this weekend she is "surprising" me with a cake. I chose red velvet because I thought she would enjoy making a red cake, plus red velvet is delicious.

This photo is of some of the shells that I found at the beach. Since my sister was so nice to invite me to join them at the beach, I made it my mission to find her some nice shells. And although my ankles were bruised from all the rocks crashing into them, I stood my ground and didn't give up! :)

It's late, guess I better get some sleep.
Sweet Dreams.


Tammy of Yarborough House said...

What a lovely neice you have :)
We got the stuff for your blood red cake today and it reminds me of the cake from the Julia Roberts movie at her wedding- the blood red armadillo. Don't worry yours will be rectangular not an armadillos butt. :)

I linked to your site on my blog for people to look at your stuff...

Trisha said...

Everytime I see red velvet cake I think of that armadillo cake too!
Thanks for linking me. :)