Monday, October 12, 2009

Street Fair Pictures

Street Fair Time

I promised that I would post some pictures of last week's street fair. I didn't take a lot, but will share what ones that I did take.
This first picture is a view of our booth. My sister did a lot of beautiful pieces of furniture and she and her best friend did the displays. I think it looks terrific!

Next is the view from my front porch, you can see some more booths and a lot of people enjoying the beautiful day.

Finally are pictures of some of the paintings that I sold. Fall themed paintings were definitely popular.



Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Yeah a post and with pictures to boot. Just a comment or helpful hint..on your pictures when you upload them pick them to be the largest so they show up better and then delete all the open lines because blogger takes one blank line and turns it into about 5 on the actual post.
love ya sis,

Trisha said...

I got so frustrated with this post, nothing was posting the way I wanted. I just gave up. Thanks for the pointers, one of these days I will get better. :)