Monday, December 12, 2011

snowman and sheet music?

I had a canvas.  I had sheet music.  I wanted to paint something Christmas but also could carry over to winter.
A snowman.
Do you like how it turned out? 
 How could you not? 
he is just so dang cute.

stay warm, trisha


Pois Ze said...

Hello, how are you???
Sorry if I did not visit here for a long time, I was too busy, but your blog surely is among my favorites!!!
My Christmas message for you:
Christmas should be everyday, not just one day. Today and always we should love, share, give, from large to small presents all are important, but mostly important your actions to others and to yourself!
Merry Christmas ,,,, from all my heart!
Hugs, Jose

jami said...

I love the snowman