Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yes I am a bit late to the party.  It is now March and I have been so busy with my real working job that my art has taken a hit.  I have had a great deal going on.  My historical house in Cameron is up for sale.  I have been renting my current home with the hopes of buying it.  But unless my other house sells- well I'll have to move back to it.  Now, it is sad because right now I live down the street from my sister and get to see my niece and nephews all the time.  That is what I will miss the most.  The house I live in now is more manageable for me.  But if I have to move back at least my old historic house is beautiful.  We will have to make some changes in the fall to accommodate the energy efficiency or lack there of.  But enough with that.

My real job in retail has been so busy.  I work weird and fluctuating hours.  Couple that with winter and hardly any daylight and I just haven't been creating at all.  Now that it is approaching spring and daylight savings is this weekend I am hoping all that will change.  I need to get some work done.  Why? .  I have a show to do with my sister (Tammy - Tattered & Timeless) at Olde Tyme Marketplace Sunday Market in April and then again spring Cameron Day in May.

Add to that I am going to open an online shop on Zibbet.  I will be sure to share the link when it is all stocked up and running.Should be quite a busy time coming up.  And I'll share the journey with you.


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