Monday, April 23, 2012

Too cold for first show.

It has been a long time.  It has been too long but I have been busy.  My real job has such a sporadic schedule that it is hard to get much else in.  But I managed to crank out some items for our first show this season.
We set up at Olde Tyme Marketplace in Marshville, NC.  We had never done this show and even though the weather called for rain - we loaded up and headed out.  Ugh it was not just rainy, but miserably cold too.  Most of the vendors cancelled.  There were 10 die hard or shall we say crazy ones set up.  Not a great sales day at all but I have to say the vendors we met were so fun.  And Beth's shop is wonderful.  You can walk in there over and over and it is like you're seeing it for the first time as it has that much stuff- all wonderfully displayed.
Here is a pic of our booth (borrowed from my sister Tattered & Timeless)

 Here's a close up of my art wall.

We will be set up on Saturday May 5 at the Cameron Street Fair..please stop by and visit.

I'm still cold...brrr