Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ahhh a warm show.

The first show of the season was too cold.  But Spring Street Fair at Cameron was just right.  Maybe a bit too hot but I'll take that over rainy and cold.
Here are some pics I borrowed from my sister- Tattered & Timeless.

Time to start selling.

 See my pretty paintings on the back wall.  Such a great pop of color.

 I also branched out and did some painted pillows.

 But the cutest things of the day were my niece Sophie and nephew Jack.  They sure rocked the selling of water on this hot day- sold out - yes they did.  Awesome salespeople.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  I am working on moving back into this wonderful house by mid June.  That will keep my very busy - but once moved I plan on updating my etsy site and also a new zibbet site with paintings and other creative endeavors for sale..


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